08 January 2008

Cate Cummings

Today’s issue of Shelf Awareness brought a piece of startling news. Cate Cummings, “a freelance publicist who specialized in mind/body and metaphysical titles, died on January 3 from cancer. She was 53.
 Her career spanned more than 25 years, according to the Kansas City Star, which said that she will be remembered ‘for her quick wit, her compassionate treatment and advocacy of animals and her love of life.’"

Cate handled a publicity campaign a couple of years ago for my book, The Spiritual Art of Being Organized. She loved the book. What’s more, she believed in it.

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, we had several good talks over the phone. Cate was funny, warm-hearted, generous, and knew her stuff. She also loved cats as much as I do; we’d spend half our time on the phone exchanging cat stories.

I had no idea that Cate was ill, although I guess that explains why emails to her came back with the message that her mailbox was full. In fact, I’d been looking forward to finally meeting her at the INATS show in Denver this June. Phooey.

Cate, I’m sorry I never got to meet you. I’m grateful for your support and wisdom, and pray that you are happy, wherever you are now. I know it’s cliché, but the world is poorer for your absence. Bless you.


Anonymous said...

I just read your postings on the passing of a good neighboor and good friend and cat lover; Cate Cummings.

She was a true trooper to the very end! She never complained and was always smiling.

It was a pleasure to help take care of her "5" beautiful cats; of which I grew to love very much.

With the help of her dear friends,
three of her cats were placed in
wonderful homes.

I have her other two cats and
love them very very much.

Rest in PEACE dear Catie.
Your friend Terrie R.

Kim Wolinski said...

I'm am so saddened to find out that Catie is gone. I obviously haven't talked to her for a long time, but just today, as I was talking to a friend about both "spiritual organizing" (I'm a Prof. Organizer) and her client's need for a publicist, I thought of Cate to refer her and looked her up online.

Thank you for this post or I wouldn't have known what happened.

I stayed with Catie years ago, and her husband who died of Lupus at 49. What great people they were.

All good thoughts and love to Catie on the other side. She left many friends with wonderful memories here.

Thank you Claire again for your post. Go Internet.

Kim, Longmont, CO